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Studio Humbug is a boutique recording studio on the Isle of Wight (UK). Owned and operated by musicians/producers Boe Weaver, Humbug occupies a water tower on the outskirts of Queen Victoria's Osbourne House estate. The studio is split over two floors. At ground level you are welcomed by the

main recording space and control room B. Humbug's live room was designed with creativity in mind, an eccentric mix of distressed wood and huge velvet curtains buck the sterile design trend found in most 'high end' studios. Acoustically balanced and versatile by design, the room offers mutiple surface

types to help achieve a variety of sounds. Upstairs is the main control room. It has the look of a golden age studio but with all the benefits of modern acoustic control. The recording equipment at Humbug marries together the best of classic and vintage equipment with modern DAW recording.